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In the Mount Holyoke News

CJC still pushing for divestments– Ava Blum-Carr ’21, published September 28, 2017

Divesting means aligning Mount Holyoke’s values with our practices– Rebecca Hughes ’18, published April 20, 2017

Mount Holyoke Divest Saga Continues with Senate Vote– Isabel Kerr ’19, published February 23, 2017

Trustees will consider divestment – Anna Shortridge ’19, published October 20, 2016

In the Hampshire Daily Gazette

For Protesters at Mount Holyoke College, a good day to ‘die in’ – Dusty Christensen, published April 14, 2017

Mount Holyoke trustees vote against divestment; Friday protest planned– Amanda Drane, published April 13, 2017

Collaboration with Mount Holyoke Radix

Climate Justice is Social Justice Rally Press Release– published October 27, 2016

Never Fear / Divestment– published April 7, 2016

In the Odyssey-

The College That’s Getting Climate Change Right– Emily Chang ’18, published July 3, 2016