Current Organizers

Emily Chang

Emily BIO.jpgEmily may have been born in Sin City, but she behaves as demurely as any other Chinese model minority! Her dedication to sustainable water systems parallels the efforts of her hometown, Las Vegas, which is known as today’s best preserved oasis in the Western Hemisphere. However, after living the high life for four years, Emily decided to change her scenery. In 2000, she moved to Northern California where she finished high school. Now as a junior in college majoring in Environmental Studies, Emily hopes to return to her hometown and further explore the endless opportunities Las Vegas offers to 21-year olds. Overall, Emily hates Andy Borowitz, is an avid squash player, and loves ramen.

Raven Geiger

11412377_891503647563138_7764284068047526645_n.jpgRaven has lived their entire life in the great Mount Holyoke state of Massachusetts. They major in Critical Social Thought with a focus on environmental justice. Raven is also passionate about social justice, intersectional feminism, education reform, and mental health reform. Raven enjoys the vegan froyo option at the frozen yogurt place in the Village Commons, and loves to spend time in the forest or in lake or ocean water. They love art and Raven sees creativity as a force to be harnessed within the self, relationships, and for its therapeutic powers. Organizing for MHC divest is one of the ways Raven harnesses their creativity and stands up for their beliefs.

Marissa Patterson

unnamed-25Marissa hails from the Pacific Northwest and has comfortably resided in Portland, OR for the last 14 years. At Mount Holyoke, she majors in Neuroscience and hopes to pursue a career in research. In her free time, she seeks ways to fight the capitalistic, patriarchal, and heteronormative society we live in. She is constantly exploring ways to make her existence more sustainable and plans on owning an off-grid tiny house someday. She also eats a lot of ice cream and watches Parks and Recreation. Marissa is an avid women’s soccer fan; she does not play any sports.



Mahima Poreddy


Mahima is a pre-health Neuroscience major and wannabe Environmental Studies major. When she’s not studying or playing with proteins in her biochemistry lab, you can find her eagerly explaining divestment and CJC to a friend over dinner. She loves sci-fi, comedy, and indie music. You can go to her for TV/book recs and a Indian meal that’s probably too spicy for you. She lives with her parents and zero siblings in Vermont, the friendly neighbor to the North.



Shannon Seigal

20150607_104855 (2).jpgShannon hails from a very suburban suburb about four hours north of Boston (if you’re walking). She plans to major in Environmental Studies and Spanish, and her hobbies include dreaming about the demise of the fossil fuel and disposable plastics industries, dismantling the patriarchy, and watching the Food Network. When she isn’t partaking in any of those activities she’s likely trying to convince everyone she meets of the importance of intersectional climate justice.


Julia Worcester

11141725_10205705362647264_4553650691639604941_n.jpgJulia is an Environmental Studies major and Asian Studies minor. Her pet projects are dismantling capitalism, questioning privatization and the disappearance of the commons, and learning how to stay happy in the face of climate catastrophe. She is really excited to write her senior thesis this year about political ecology, property systems, and access to resources in rural Bhutan, where she studied abroad in her junior year. She has worked with the Climate Justice Coalition for four years and is grateful for the learning and friendship that she has found with this group of humans. She loves her cats above all else, and you can often find her either drinking a London Fog in a coffee shop or going for walks in the woods around Upper Lake.